I would like to relate to you my fantastic experience with Jeanette's catering service. We were very fortunate to have her for our wedding. From the very start it was obvious she had a keen eye for detail. The specific questions she asked helped us to avoid possible complications with both the food pairings and the logistics of the service. Though she is an excellent cook and has been doing this for quite a while she was still very open to our suggestions. If one of our ideas wasn't feasible she worked with us to find a way to fix it. As seating was limited she altered her chicken piccata recipe so that the guests could more comfortably eat. We received many compliments on the dinner and appetizers. This of course was all thanks to Jeanette. She designed the layout for the food to fit the venue in such a way that we were able to serve nearly 150 guests without dealing with long lines. I cannot more strongly recommend her catering services. The food was outstanding, the service was flawless, and she treated us as friends throughout the planning stage.

Shawn Keown

"Jeanette's love, care and attention to the menu, ingredients and service at our wedding made our special day memorable for everyone in attendance. My family are still mentioning the meal as one of the best parts of the day."


Jeanette, the Cajun pasta was the BEST, my new favorite from you!

Senior Vice President

Jeanette the Piccata and Lentil Soup were delic! I have never had Lentil Soup before and I absolutely went crazy over it. Would you happen to have 2 extra quarts I can get from you today? If not, I'll just get extra next time you make it. Wonderful!!

Kelley Linn

We love Jeanette’s weekly dinners and have been devoted customers for several years. Always fresh and delicious. We try to always keep one of her soups in the freezer for a quick Sunday night dinner.

Keith & Ellen